RUSD Bond Measure2016 Ballot Measure

RUSD seeks bond measure to retrofit, upgrade, and improve facilities. Please vote be informed and vote in November.

Measure Z: Sales Tax Increase2016 Ballot Measure

City of Riverside placing 1% sales tax increase on the November ballot.


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Raincross Group Debates with Ward 6 Candidates

2013 Raincross Group Debates

Raincross Debates, Ward 6 city council candidates at California Baptist University..

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Raincross Debates with Paul Davis

2013 Raincross Group Debates

Paul Davis in a 1-on-1 Raincross Group Debates interview with Brad Pomerance at California Baptist University on..

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Raincross Group Debates with Andy Melendrez

2013 Raincross Group Debates
The Raincross Group debates welcome Andy Melendrez for a 1-on-1 with Brad Pomerance at California Baptist University on April 25, 2013.