Raincross Group Mission

Raincross is an organization started 25 years ago dedicated to recruiting, developing and supporting good governance in our city of Riverside.    It is an action guided organization that focuses on educating our membership and monitoring the direction and polices of our city through active engagement.  We actively advocate for strong leadership in our focus areas identified at our Annual Strategic Planning meeting.

Raincross Group Vision

Behind every great city is a team of leaders that executes the vision and many followers who support the leader's work. Raincross strives to address the accountability mechanisms that make sure the leadership is on the right course. Our organizations strive to offer sound strategic support and oversight to keep our city on the right path.  Governance, which includes recruiting and development of  new leaders on  boards and commissions , monitoring systems and signaling mechanisms of transparency, and identifying critical quality of life to sustain  higher standard of living . Focusing on good governance ensures the success of leadership visions and the long term success of Riverside.