In 1965, I completed a PhD at Stanford, and came to UCR. This next academic year (2013-14) will be my 48th year of teaching political science at UCR.

In 1979, I was elected to the City Council and served until elected Mayor in 1994. For 33 years, I held elected office in Riverside.

During my tenure as Mayor, I served in 2004 as President of the League of California Cities and in 2010 as President of the National League of Cities.

Riverside has received many awards. I would call special attention to the All America City Award in 1998 and the Intelligent Community of the Year Award in 2012.

I have returned to teach at UCR, and am the Director of the Center for Sustainability Suburban Development (CSSD).

Marsha (wife of 52 years) and I live in the downtown on University Avenue--our historic home was built in 1915.

Upon leaving the Mayor’s Office, I have been asked to join many groups. I am honored by the invitation to be a member of the Raincross Group.

Other groups where I am a board or advisory member include National Civic League, Monday Morning Group, Ontario International Airport Authority, International Relations Council, USC’s Bedrosian Center for Governance, OWOW, TriTech, Connect, Parkview, Riverside Land Conservancy, Social Justice Center, and Citrus Park Non-Profit Management Corporation.