Waudier “Woodie" Rucker-Hughes is President of the Riverside NAACP and the Child Welfare and Attendance Manager at Riverside Unified School District. She is also the Area Director for the Southern Region on behalf of the California State Conference NAACP.

Her other responsibilities include being the District’s Homeless/Foster/Group Home Liaison for The Group, a grassroots public policy advocacy organization that serves as a forum for discussing and responding to community issues, the Eastside Think Tank and the Eleanor Jean Grier Leadership Academy.

Throughout her whole career, Ms. Rucker-Hughes has been a devoted advocate for education and children. In fact, she started as a teacher at North High School in 1969 and went on to become Assistant Principal at several schools.

Through her hard work and dedication to the community, Woodie was named “Women We Admire” by Riverside Magazine—amongst other awards. Ms. Rucker-Huges received her undergraduate degree in History with a minor in Geography from D.C. Teachers College. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Redlands.